A bit about me...

I'm Jess and this is me, my husband Andy, my son Barnaby Walter and my daughter Lois Fearne.  So now you know where the name "Walter & Fearne" came from!  I decided to set up this business while on maternity leave with Lois in 2016 to hopefully enable me to earn a bit of an income but have the flexibility to work from home and around the kids.  I've always had a thing about wanting to work for myself which my husband thinks is crazy, I should point out Andy is an accountant.

Like with any new business there has been some ups and some downs and I've learnt a lot in a short space of time. We unfortunately suffered a big down in December 2017 when during a Christmas Market we had our entire stock stolen. This was back when we also sold handmade childrens clothes made by mums around the UK. I absolutely loved supporting other mums in business and who knows maybe one day in the future I will be in a position to do that again but for now I am concentrating on our range of jewellery and really hope you like my designs.  If you have any idea's for something a bit different I would love to hear from you as I enjoy creating new bespoke pieces for people so do get in touch!